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Available in a naturally Stevia sweetened and naturally fruit flavored Raspberry Limeade flavor. You can just mix it with about 10 oz of water. 

Also available in a Natural Unflavored version that has no sweeteners or flavors at all. It has a bitter taste from all the herbal extracts. It is only for the extreme health freaks like our founder Ray. You can take it as a shot with just a little water (click here for video), or if that is too much for you, mix it with your favorite fruit Juice.

Contains a full 5g of Creatine Monohydrate & 2g of Beta Alanine for Supercharged Strength Power Endurance & Muscle Growth.

Contains powerful nootropic adaptogens in the right combination and dose to give you extreme and long lasting energy, laser focus & concentration, & boost recovery & resistance to stress.

Contains only Natural Caffeine from Green Tea and Guarana. Beware of other Pre-workouts with other stimulants (WADA World Anti-Doping Code 2018, “All stimulants, including all optical isomers, e.g. d- and l- where relevant, are prohibited”. However, Caffeine is included in the 2018 Monitoring Program, and is not considered a Prohibited Substance).

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